Last Saturday, Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel opened its doors in Ants’s new edition. The session with more underground essence fills the beach club in a new demonstration of the good health of the party. The ants returned to Ushuaïa in a evening where the most top electronics intermingled with a calculated and haughty visual performance.

The evening would give its first steps with Mr. J, that later would take turn Francesca Lombardo, one of the most notable irruptions in Ibiza this season. Already with Ushuaïa in a condition of notable alteration, the back to back between Maya Jane Coles and Kim Ann Foxman raised the party one more level where the public did not stop dancing and raising the arms in a session where both intermingled their styles. Gorgon City supported the speech of their predecessors being the step before the movement of the party to the principal scene.

There, first one always correct Andrea Oliva was taking to the ecstasy a warm public who was crowding about the swimming pool. Later the Dutch Joris Voorn, in a original session where up to Bowie it had content, closed a day that without place to doubt will go on to the recollection of there present.