Interview with Danny Romero. Singer, DJ and producer

Of Canarian origin, it is in a very important moment of his musical career

Lola Domínguez

Danny Romero is an artist with immense talent.

Dj, singer, songwriter and producer, his musical qualities have no limits.

With 16 years of age, he publishes the a great hit with 30 million visits and since then has an average of 150 performances per year.

His style is defined within a Latin dance music that combines the powerful beats of latin house, reggaen and hip hop.

How is Danny Romero?
He is a boy who from an early age lives passionate about music. I started with my brother, who involved me in this world and also in my family we have all had relation with the music. My father was a singer-songwriter and professional guitarist, he produced solo albums. You can say that I bring it in the blood.

What do you care most about the show?
I consider myself a very complete artist and to be able to transmit to the public all my love for music is one of the most important things. Make people come to see us happy.

How did you start to be part of the line up of this party?
Everything was to the root of my manager, Raúl Anselmo. Thanks to him, I got in touch with several people close to the party and they were delighted to have me. Ale and I get along very well, we have a good connection and we know that this is a very different product than what is seen on the island.

How does it feel when you are on stage?
I feel very happy, I sing the music that I like, I sing my songs and the people follow my lyrics and they dance to the rhythm with much joy. For many people would be unthinkable a party that came out of electronics and here is possible.

How do you like to have the session that I am A Rich Bitch at your party experienced?
I want people to live my music, I compose happy songs because of the feelings I’m feeling at the moment and I want everyone to feel the same with my songs. My goal is that more and more people can enjoy my creations and I am excited about this participation.