– How do you expect for this season?
It is an interesting year, the before one to big changes. There is obvious the feeling of which is last year of Space. Besides Ants, where we will be one more year, it was logical that we are in Space also. It was the first site in which I play in the island, and makes a lot of illusion be there.

– Speaking about Space. What do you imagine that can happen?
I prefer not waiting for anything, changes are always for better. We us cannot anchor in the past and must confront the future. There will be people that likes it and whom not they have others options.

– A special place in the island?
I like the sun but not the sand, I don’t like beach, so in Eivissa I really love to go to eat. There are incredible places and especially I like to be able to enjoy a good melon with ham, cultivated here, or autochthonous fish of the zone that it has spectacular. This is the essence of the island, to meet with the people and interact, is not only about going to Es Vedrá. And it is Eivissa, energy.

– And the north zone?
I love it. The night is only a small part of the island.

– And if we speak about own gastronomy of the island…
The first time that I came the first thing that I did was to eat a Bullit de Peix  in the restaurant of a good friends. Incredible, when I am here I usually order fruit and fish.

– Returning to the music. Which has the island changed from your first time?
Eivissa is bigger every year. The whole world wants to come here, everybody knows the exhibition that exists here and not only disc-jockeys. This has a good part and the bad one. The bad one is the scene turns massive and begin the problems of the ego. A lot of artists wants to come to become big, and I, personally, only come to give the public thanks to the music for what the music has given to me.

– If we speak about underground?
The concept has been perverted. Someone speaks about the difference with the commercial and the underground does not exist. Now an artist earn 100.000 € per night, travels in private jet and says that it is underground for play with vinyls. Seriously? Now we are white or black, underground or EDM. There is too many demagoguery.

– You have just released Solar Distance, new record label as platform of new talents.
Yes, I always said that it had many desire of a project like that. I really like the idea of giving platform of diffusion to new artists who do not have opportunities. Probably, I want to do with the label what the industry have not done with me. And it is not a revenge, is only to demonstrate the people that the things can be done in different way. You do not have to die waiting for a response of your demo.

– Does Solar Distance always answer to the demos?
Yes, we always answer. I feel sometimes this bad education of big marks that there are thought that for taking a tunic and saying that they go to Tulum have permission to not answer anybody. They cannot sell the concept of everything for the music and if you are not the buddy who goes with them to after, the friend who invites him to play…. They do not listen your demos. And form me, in this point of my career, gives me a bit equally, but the people who is beginning that has illusion for release in these labels, or at least to receive a feedback to see if they go for the good way. Why cannot they give an answer to him? Then they pray to buy the tickets for go to their concerts. It is a fraud attitude.