The queue to accede to the club restaurant lounge more famous of Mediterranean, and probably of the world, began with the last lights of the day. The guests were crowding at the entry eager to live a special night in the celebration of the fifth anniversary of Lío.

The expectation was total in the 1.800 guests who spent during the party for the famous restaurant spectacle. Francisco Ferrer and Joan Gracia have designed a new show for this season with 24 artists based on the celebrities, the flashes, the glamour, the rumors and the journalistic pieces of gossip with a thematic kitchen that pink color or any retainer does not make indifferent to carried away to the press. And they presented it with all his brilliance in the anniversary party.

Since in the previous years for this holiday, the geography of Lío transforms, dissapears the tables and chairs of the retainers and the club turns into a great club room, where to dance, to speak, to take drinks and some of the delicatessen taste of his letter in small morsels or like finger food that were flying of the trays that were circulating along the whole room. While, the volcano of the numbers of dance, singers and performances it was flooding it with color, happiness and desire of spending it in big taking part with the artists during a spectacular night.