Elrow Singermorning en Amnesia 09-09-2017. Fotos: Jesús Sierra

Saturdays at Amnesia are synonymous with elrow and fun without compassion. Last Saturday, the most powerful Catalan festival promoter today, elrow, which produces its events for the most important festivals in the world, returned to Amnesia with a new installment of its hilarious Singermorning party, in which the decoration and performers team immerse the public in all kinds of unimaginable situations, each more delirious and hilarious: some mobile toilets enter the middle of the dance floor, or from the ceiling fall ‘rowlar’ bills, which can be exchanged for and all kinds of inflatables.

Tonight, Elrow will party on a pirate ship and somewhere between Atlantis and Es Vedrà they will lose their way and sink into the most dangerous waters of the island: the triangle of the Rowmudas, on a submarine trip of the most surreal and what they will see is meaningless and can not be explained in words. A mix between The Island, Lost and Alive: a party of sunken ships, crashed planes, marine animals and hippie communes under the sea. The party of which all speak: the party of eternal happiness.