On Tuesday 22 August, a pool party with a lot of groove and with the name Knostra Music and Low Groove Records Open Air Festival will be held in El Patio de Ibiza, in the Bora Bora Apartments. The event will be starred by such record labels, established in the world of electronics.
Emanuele Inga’s Knostra Music was born in Ibiza to support emerging artists while at the same time having other already recognized in the scene of the techno music. On the other hand, Low Groove Records, record label created by Luixar KL, was born in Malaga with the idea of giving force to the styles of music more deep and underground.
The event’s poster is composed of Emanuele Inga, Luixar KL, Arado, Ras Moses, Kan.e, Luca Radez, Felipe Bravo and Joshel, who are DJs and producers of both labels.