The WooMooN season comes to an end with tonight’s full moon, also coinciding with the moment of maximum plenitude of the party. Due to the enormous expectation, the organisors have raised the bar and the closing party today will be out of this planet: even more than the last ones. The bill includes many of the most acclaimed musicians and djs that have performed throughout the summer and the shows and performers will be increased.

Music-wise, they have announced Monolink, which is possibly the best live PA seen this summer in Ibiza; Rampue, who is already a member of the family and also will play live; Adriatique, a big name and new to WooMooN; and many others. There will be many performances and every corner of WooMooN will be magical.

A very popular party
However, prices will remain popular as any regular day. The ticket will be 15 euros at the door for all arriving before 8 pm and 25 before 10 pm. It will then cost 35 euros until midnight and 20 until the end of the party, which will go on until six in the morning. It is a very difficult offer to match and that no other party of Ibiza does it. It’s 13 hours of music and show!

The prices will be the same and costs only 15 euros before eight in the afternoon

The doors of Cova Santa will open at five in the afternoon and the WooMooN experience begins at that very moment. It is advisable to arrive as soon as possible, since it is expected to reach full capacity very fast, as has happened in recent editions. In addition, sunset is soon after eight and although the party is inspired by the moon, one of the magic factors is to enjoy the music and the show in the daylight and experience the sunset at the party, a moment in which Monolink will be playing. At half past eight it will be dark and there will either be a large queue to enter the party, or the maximum capacity may be reached and no one else will be allowed in until others leave, since WooMooN looks after the enjoyment and security of those who are inside, avoiding situations of overcrowd.

According to the organization, “it is going to be a huge party: we have chosen this evening and night because these are precisely the hours before the lunar plenitude, which will be reached tomorrow Wednesday at nine in the morning, moment after which the moon begins to decrease and is no longer full. That is why we have chosen today and not tomorrow: the energy is not the same when the moon is already decreasing, although visually it is invaluable. It is not the same to leave the full moon than to enter the full moon.”

🙏 THANK YOU IBIZA! GRACIAS IBIZA! GRACIES EIVISSA ! 🙏See you at WooMooN – Closing ( Full MooN ) – Tuesday September 5th !

Publicado por Woomoon en sábado, 2 de septiembre de 2017