During the late 2000s and early 2010s, the Ibiza musical movement was in a somewhat dark period, due to certain parties that gained popularity, which took the audience through a dark musical journey, generating an also obscure social movement, in which the artistic movement was scarcer.

After having travelled the world and experienced the best events, that who would later be the founder of WooMooN felt the need to bring that happy musical and cultural trend, associated with world music – a very organic music that tells a history of ethnics, tribes and roots, which unites people and allows them to create a link with artistic content – as he had seen at events in Tulum or at Burning Man, which he had been attending for more than a decade. “We wanted to make a kind of electronic opera, in which music accompanied the show, not the other way around.” They experienced it at private parties and it worked. Then the concept was transferred to Acid Sundays and then to WooMooN, where it still works.

«WooMooN arises from our hearts as a platform for a whole new community of artists, not only djs, to have the opportunity to come to the island and generate a new artistic, musical, luminous, more cheerful, more colorful movement and with better energy. Ibiza’s only way out is art and creativity, because the rest, everyone can copy it, “says the promoter.

Raised in Ibiza and now a citizen of the world, Doumi is the first founder of WooMooN. He declares himself, from a very young age, a great admirer of the parades that were organized in the streets of Ibiza in the 80’s and of the spectacles he saw at the former Ku Ibiza nightclub, when his parents used to take him to the restaurant with them and could see some of the party shows from afar. From a very young age he was fascinated by circus, street theatre and club performances, and at the age of 18, right after attending a Cirque du Soleil show, he knew he wanted to dedicate his life to this guild.

A few years later, after working on countless projects in various areas related to hospitality and entertainment, he co-founded Heart Ibiza for which he created the successful Acid Sundays party, that won the special award  for the best 2015 Ibiza party of Ibiza, presented by the prestigious DJ Awards ofter the end fo it’s first season.

The same artistic team with whom he created Acid Sundays continues to be the backbone and still make Magic happen every night and have been recently made WooMooN business partners: Athos Germano, Monica Gallardo, Tatiana Eguizabal and Nima Bonan. The promoter considers them his family and admires their tremendous creativity. The whole team feels WooMooN as theirs and that is the key to success: they are a family that work together. From communications, promotion, production and logistics, to backstage and artists, every person who works at WooMooN is vital and fundamental to being able to create magical events and without each one of them, it would not be possible.

The birth of WooMooN
“The only option in this industry is to create and innovate.” With this maxim as an eternal challenge the promoter once again surprised last year the Ibiza club scene, the mecca of club culture in the world, with a new and original creation called WooMooN, which very quickly caught the eye of a public yearning  for new proposals. After th few firts installments, it became the revelation party, andat the end of the season was awarded again by the DJ Awards as the best Ibiza party.


Originally, WooMooN was intended as a full moon party, and they only thought of doing four of them during the season. “Full moon nights are mean an advantage for throwing a party: the vibe is better and women are more sensitive, but on the contrary, men may be a little more difficult and aggressive. But these are factors that you learn to channel thanks to the experience. The moon is very powerful and its energy can be upon us, we can not turn our back on it. ”

“Our intention is to give back to the island everything it has given us, by bringing an artistic community and creating a social and musical movement that brings more and better energy.” There are no quarrels in WooMooN. There are no aggressive or negative people. Those who don’t fit in with the philosophy of the party simply do not feel themselves accepted in it”

The aim of WooMooN is to be able to tell a story, to create an artistic movement that allows the performers to live on the island during the season as well as to play music linked to a social, cultural and spiritual movement that manages to enlight and unite the audience. That’s why they make a circle of people at the beginning of the event and a lot of other details that make everyone feel like one.

The first function of WooMooN is to conjure up smiles. What makes the team happy is when people feel that magic. “The magic exists,” is a phrase of Violeta Galera that the whole team carries in the heart. “Magic is only the maximum care of all details. The magic happens at that moment in which what you see, what you hear and what you feel are united, and it is a moment when you get goosebumps” say from WooMooN.

The magic exists and what makes the team happiest is that people feel that magic

The timing of the shows and their musical accompaniment are perfectly defined in advance and the organizers direct the performers and the djs as if they were an orchestra. The script of the night is what that marks the pace of it and the exact times in which each number is realized.

The artists on the WooMooN line-ups are new to many in Ibiza. Music is always happy, it is a different musical movement that brings new energy. With their work they try to contribute to make the world a little better, having fun while doing it, working with people they feel good with and always looking for new creative challenges, so that they can give thanks to the world for working on what they like, with who they like and where they like. WooMooN has a very human touch.

The success of WooMooN
One of the factors of the success of the party has also been the commitment of the artists with it, not only at the artistic level, but also as partners of it. They feel 100% part of the project and the family. In order to create such an artistic movement it is necessary to give their space to all involved, and a very beautiful project was created in which all are united by the same cause.

Another secret of WooMooN’s success is that it is a party for all audiences, of all ages and, above all, of all social classes. The VIP audience of the party, which represents approximately 20%, pays 80% of it, while the crowd represents 80% and pays some 20% of it. In this way, you can have them all together in one party. The wealthiest can afford to spend small fortunes and buy the most expensive tables in the VIP area, while the general public can enjoy the party at a much lower entry price than it even would be reasonable, some even free , through the guest lists of the artists and those involved in the party. The entertainment offer of WooMooN is, therefore, unbeatable. It is a 13 hour festival full of continuous shows for which they use up to the last cent of their weekly budget, without sparing in hiring new artists who never came to the island before and offering the public everything that’s in their hands. “Our commitment to the public is to offer the maximum entertainment possible and achieve their highest satisfaction. We are happy when we see the crowd happy. ” WooMooN’s metrics for evaluating the success of a party are not measured primarily in economic terms, which are also, but are rather in team smiles and public smiles.

WooMooN this year
WooMooN’s current project is to solidify this structure so that an entire artistic community can live on it, which is already happening. Few parties have been made so far but probably next year there will be more.

This year, WooMooN has brought about 40 artists who had never played on the island before, all of the best in their niche. For WooMooN it has been very important to bring all this new talent like Armen Miran, Owl, Acid Arab, Bernstein, Uone, David Dorad, Kalabrese, Kerala Dust, NuForm and many more, besides Rampue or Blond:ish, who are already part of the family. Only the artists that transmit good energy are those who become part of the WooMooN family.

The parties start very soon and during the first hour there are not many people. They could open their doors a little later, but starting earlier allows them to bring in new artists and offer new experiences to the public. Nowadays people buy experiences. When you buy something or go to a restaurant, a hotel or a party, you are buying an experience. At the end of life, experiences are what make it up and make you who you are.

This year WooMooN has been something different also for the younger ones, since the authorities were not allowed to maintain the kid’s exclusive area because it was outside the premises of the premises. Due to the conditions of the ground within the venue, it was not possible to accommodate the pseudo-kindergarten in which parents would last year leave their children for a while, having a great time and doing activities focused on their entertainment and personal growth, while they would enjoy the party by themselves, in which kids were actually let it. This year, the children are still welcomed, accompanied by their parents and have a dedicated but non-exclusive children’s area, so that children can have a good time.

The future of WooMooN
“We are light and the light changes.” In 2018 WooMooN will try, as always, to raise the creative level more, if possible. They also have plans to grow and make more parties outside of Ibiza. So far they have only put together two parties in Tulum, this past winter, because even although they had received proposals from all over the world, only in Tulum did all the necessary conditions exist to carry them out. The idea is to create a lighter format, as Tulum needed a team of 45 people traveling there to make it happen, and another format, around the full moons, larger and resembling a festival.

They have requests to throw parties in India, again in Mexico, in Portugal and in many other places in Europe. Now they must choose the right places and consolidate this family, so they can work on this all year long and continue making magic happen and people smile all around the planet.

In Ibiza, their intention is to continue putting together the party at Cova Santa, since there are not many other places that have the necessary characteristics to do it and, above all, as a sign of gratitude to Cova Santa for having believed in them and to have offered them their full support since day one. In addition, WooMooN is in fact a show tailored  for Cova Santa.

Next year, WooMooN will try to extend its season and celebrate the party during more weeks, starting earlier or finishing later in the summer season.

In Memoriam

En memoria de todos aquellos ángeles que nos han dejado y dan luz a nuestro camino.***** In memory of all those angels that left us. So that they rise and light the unknown.

Publicado por Woomoon en sábado, 12 de agosto de 2017