Among the four festivals scheduled by Destino Ibiza in the Summer of Soks is the awaited Acuatic Release, starring by Sven Van Hees.

During the last 30 years the belgian musician takes inspiration from numerous trips to produce his songs. He has released his 10th album recently called Aquatic and arrives in Ibiza to present it in a very special way. “I was inspired by the beaches of Bahamas and St. Barth to create my music, I used my computer and there I produced my songs,” he said in an interview for Diario de Ibiza.

Their sessions have large doses of chill out and are loaded with a lot of vitality. Sven feels that the island is a very special place, where its music has room due to its beaches and the factor x, as it explains, that nobody knows how to define but everyone catches. Starting at noon Friday, music and good vibes in Destino.