In less than two years, dj Ale Zuber is breaking all records and Latin hearts, creating his own show and leaving fans to the professionals of the sector.

The party begins when the resident artist reproduces a sweet poem dedicated to his family and captivates the spectators of the Sant Rafel nightclub.

After this, and simulating the moonrise, comes the dance show of Lorena Gallego, a gorgeous ballet dancer who hypnotizes with her delicate and romantic movements.

And as in a sigh, the party explodes, all the dancers arrive, the show takes on an incredible form and the dance floor moves and sings non-stop for over an hour and a half.

With this introduction it is normal to think that every edition of I Am a Rich Bitch wins new followers.

For tomorrow, they announce a surprise with the singer Danny Romero, who will interpret his great success ‘Mil Horas’ accompanied by Zuber, with whom he has a great friendship.

On Friday night the Privilege nightclub, the largest club in the world, heats engines for the most important party of reggaeton and dance, starting at 12 at night.