Ale Zuber has achieved what seemed impossible to achieve on the island.

This great artist is the pioneer creator of a party where reggae and hip hop are the protagonists of each night.

Since opening the doors of his show, I Am A Rich Bitch last year, he has continued to reap success.

Every Friday, the Privilege nightclub hosts the biggest reggae party in the world.

How is Ale Zuber?
I am a person who gets very involved in what he does. I like to play, people dance and sing my music. I am interested in the opinion of everyone, what is your vision of reggae, what you think about my party. I am very demanding and I want to polish my show to become the best show.

What do you care about the show?
I want to surprise people and interact with me. I like all musical styles, but I look for a different one for my party because reggae is a music that everyone listens to.

What was the most difficult time to start your show?
Time. During the summer, I have many performances throughout Europe and I have a short time. I need in my shows the best professionals, so before the season starts about 400 people went through a casting that I selected 30.

How does it feel when you are on stage?
I feel very calm because the experience on the stage has brought me a lot of calm. I focus on my audience and I want you to always stay dancing and enjoying my music until the end of the show.

How do you like your party to be lived?
I like to make a party for everyone, a street party because people are looking to have fun, have fun and not stop vibrating with my music from beginning to end. For this I am very aware of the public, I want you to enjoy as much as possible and to repeat, to return always because every week there are new surprises.