Willy William in the interview for Diario de Ibiza. Photo: Lola Domínguez

change is always positive

Willy William is, as he defines himself, a lover of music. Dj, producer and singer has created a worldwide hit called ‘Mi Gente’, in collaboration with J Balvin and is being heavily versioned by a large number of dj in every club of Ibiza and all over the world.

Of French origin, his vocal collaborations with international artists are counted by tens. Since his big hit ‘Ego’ last year, he is living one of the brightest moments of his musical career.

Who is Willy William?
Is a nice guy. Is a musician, a dj, a producer, a singer, a songwriter, so many things around music. Is a music lover first, a really music lover. I think I always try to put some original stuff in my music, my world, to bring my own world to the crowd, to the people.

Is difficult because things change, music change but when you are in love with music you will follow the movement, the changes and bring new stuff in those times because music is my passion. It is a challenge and I love that.

How did you start in the industry?
I started in the music when I was sixteen and my mother bought me a guitar, I started playing guitar. I felt in love with music at this point and I was in a rock band, it was my firts as guitarrist and singer. It was like a kind of reggae band for four years, after that I learnt to be a dj in different clubs in France. I think that I started music production in a 2006, I really started to be making music with famous french people that really like my style. I started to put afro-sounds, reggae-sounds in my productions. I had a couple contracts with leables.

The most important year of your career and why?
I think that now is the most important moment time for me. But I think that last year it was really important because I produced my truck “Ego%2