Oliver Giacomotto es el principal atractivo en el 'opening'.

Under the powerful claim “One World One TRIBhE”, this ambitious project founded renowned music producers and djs who break cultural, religious and racial barriers to remind everyone that all belongs to the same race and our universal language is the music. The concept turnaround the global cultures its art and music. TRIBhE makes visual fusion from the 5 continents tribes showing all that unites us.

The line up hosted by the Tribhe resident Kintar, includes international names such as Chus & Ceballos, Nick Warren, John Acquaviva, and current hot producers such as &ME, Betoko, Cristoph, Mendo, Olivier Giacomotto, Manuel de la Mare, Luigi Rocca, Dj Diass, Natural Flow, Claudio Ricci, Brigado Crew, Who Else, Florian Gasperini, Tom Crane y Andy Baxter.

Every tuesday, TRIBhE will be also presented on Ibiza Global Radio with a live-broadcast special show from 8pm, anticipating what’s to come at night.