Es Paradís will celebrate, every Friday from today, its most emblematic party: the mythical water party Fiesta del Agua, which has been celebrated for more than 40 years now and has been enjoyed by three generations of ibicencos and tourists.

The nightclub in Sant Antoni offers fun and freedom in its purest form. The dancers, acrobats and other entertainers will warm the atmosphere up before the countless fountains turn the most beautiful nightclub in Ibiza into a giant pool where you can dance from midnight until dawn.

Its resident dj Steeve Valverde never disappoints since for many years is encouraging this special an international crowd that fills the nightclub, also famous for its charactreristic roofing in pyramidal shape. And this is a party like no other: here it is all a matter of having a great time, dressing up as a bather or as an octopus if necessary, and get armed with water guns to join a many battles as you wish.

Ibiza would not be the same without the Fiesta del Agua. However, for those who want to enjoy this show but are not friends with so much water, the nightclub also offers dry areas and several balconies from where you can see all the action without getting wet while enjoying the music and the atmosphere of Es Paradís.