A collective piloerection, that is to say: thousands of people who will get goose bumps, is what will happen this afternoon at the Hotel Hard Rock Ibiza, during the Children of the 80’s party , when two of the vocalists of the mythical band Snap! get on stage and sing the songs that made it famous all over the world, like ‘Rhythm is a Dancer’, ‘The Power’ or ‘The Cult of Snap!’, among many others of the hits that international band of German origin, composed and launched to the market during the first half of the 90s, and were sung and danced by most of those who were born in the 70s and 80s and grew up in the 90s.
Snap! Was created by the German musicians Michael Münzing and Luca Anzilotti, who counted on several vocalistas and interpreters throughout its life, such as rapper Turbo B and vocalistas Penny Ford and Thea Austin. The event will start at 7 pm and is free for all residents on the island.