Marina Ibiza opens his doors the public in a special day to know better the nautical world. And it is that tomorrow the Marina Day, an event is celebrated worldwide in that Marina Ibiza takes part together with other sports ports of Balearics. The great sports port pitiuso has programmed a series of activities that will be carried out throughout the whole day by the aim to bring over and generate interest for the nautical world to the public in general and not only to those who have ship, as well as to report on taken care of the environment and the diverse activities that turn concerning the sea.

For it, the sea-coast will offer information and exhibition of nautical toys, the presentation of a new infantile qualified book Posi’s adventures and information brings over of a new project of the oceanic posidonia as habitat of the seahorses. There will be tryings of wine, infantile ditches and an exhibition of sculptures of hound inhabitants of Ibiza.

No doubt it is a question of a special day in which Marina Ibiza will open his doors to receive all those persons who want to share an agreeable moment in his fantastic facilities and to know in detail the activities related to the sea before a few fabulous sights and the ships of impression that habitually tie in one of the best sea-coasts of the world. The day will begin at eleven o’clock in the morning and will extend until eight o’clock in the afternoon.