Onyx continues being the reference Techno session in Ibiza. Mikaela‘s party has been consolidated as one of the projects more transgressors demonstrating that the rawest and industrial sounds have content in the island. Onyx received last Monday the visit of the French producer Paul Ritch, besides the residents of Berghain Function and Answer Code Request.

Paul Ritch would take the controls before the 1, moment in which the Terrace de Space already was presenting a brilliant aspect. The Frenchman offered almost two hours of enterteining Techno, perfectly for the phase in the one that was the party. With the back to back of Lee Curtis, Ryan Crosson and Shaun Reeves at its end in the Sunset Terrace, Answer Code Request began his direct one.

The German offered a dynamic and visual live. After him, first an anarchic Function, which flirted sublime in certain moments with House rhythms, and later a direct Mikaela, closed a session that, no doubt, is one of the most ultramodern programmings that can be enjoyed nowadays in Ibiza.

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