Onyx celebrated last Monday the second offering to all the followers of the Techno in its more alternative, industrial and deep side. The session received the visit of Gaiser, Karotte, Dense and Pika, CW/A, Mikaela, Guy J, Guy Mantzur, Dan Marciano and Eva Pacífico.

Once again, Onyx turned Space into a lugubrious environment where striking visuals were intermingling in a room with predominance of strobes and smoke. The session bets every Monday for a decoration clearly influenced by the German clubs.

In the middle of an excellent performance, the direct ones of Jon Gaiser and CW/A shone during one night where the legs of the public did not stop moving. Dense and Pika returned to demonstrate for what sound one of the most fashionable formations between the followers of the Techno.

Before, Mikaela opened the room with a direct session, without palliative and perfect to leave the floor well lubricated to the first direct one of the day. Later, the German Karotte closed a party that consolidates to Onyx as one of the most tangible newcomers sessions  in the underground electronic scene of the island.

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