On Wednesday there inaugurated one of the premieres most expected from the summer in Ibiza, WooMooN, Storytellers Ibiza’s project under the direction of Doumi Busturia, creator of the concept Acid Sundays, who for his new holiday has chosen a location more raw and mysticism, the legendary room of parties on the feet of Sant Josep’s Sa Talaia with his 475 meters of height.

Sa Cova was revealed on Wednesday as the perfect scene for an artistic project that promotes an interactive experience led by the called Nomad Sound, exposed masterfully by the dj Nicola Cruz, who landed in Ibiza after his step along the Festival of the Scenic Arts of Madrid to give one of the big moments of a successful opening and a party where land, landscape, live art, surprising performances, music and gastronomy were genially. WooMooN promises big sensations every Wednesday outdoors in Sant Josep’s hills.