SuperMartXé continues one more season filling of music and color the nights of Eivissa. In its last date, SuperMartXé turned Privilege into an authentic jungle, where tens of dancers and performances invited to there present to feeling during one night the magic of the nature. Waterfalls, totems or masks were presiding at an elaborated and striking scene that surprised all to the raise of the curtain. In addition, since it comes being habitual, acrobats, Air Bike shows or spectacles of fire completed a show of the most visual and dynamic thing confirming that in SuperMartXé is prohibited the boredom.

In the musical paragraph, Yves V, resident of Tomorrowland, was the special guest to the party in the one honoring to the famous Belgian festival. The dj of Antwerp infected the public with his habitual energy and developed an enterteining and powerful session.

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