” The best party in the world “. SuperMartXé, a pure spectacle where dancers, performances, visual resources and music are founded in a only product, began last Saturday. Privilege Ibiza’s mythical session inaugurated the season 2016 in an event where Chuckie, Yves V or Brian Cross stood out in the musical aspect.

SuperMartXé, which days before was promising a completely spectacular and renewed concept, developed an absorvent visual spectacle , from 2 a.m. that the curtain was opening, where a sensual, enterteining performance and up to in certain moments psychodelic abduct there present.

Yves V and Chuckie put the international note in an event in which Brian Cross stood out. The Spanish artist dazzled with an electro-house session. All this well illuminated thanks to the new cabin located in front of the scene and that was raising the artists up to the ceiling of the room.