Last Tuesday, Music is Revolution received one of its more special and emotive dates of the season. After the already known advertisement of Space’s closing, Carl Cox’s session, one of the most important of the history in the club of Playa d’en Bossa, celebrated the birthday of the British artist in an event where nobody wanted to be absent. Dubfire, Tania Vulcano, Cirez D, Guy J and James Lavelle accompanied Carl Cox during one night in which the public overstocked Space.

Already from the first hour the magic of the night could be felt, and it is that hundred of persons were waiting to be able to enter a Space prepared for the occasion. Inside, Tania Vulcano and James Lavelle were making sound the first songs in the principal rooms. Later Dubfire, raising the level of the party before Carl Cox‘s entry, played a set with his characteristic sound.

But the night was not one any more. At 3 a.m., moment of the classic entry before the beginning of the Britisher, Pepe Roselló took the microphone before the incredulous look of the great protagonist. And it is that the owner of Space started to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ which the whole club joined. Before the Britisher was leading to the ecstasy to Space during his set, Pepe, Carl and the public laughed and enjoyed an only moment and that will go on to the history of the most distinguished club of the world.


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