After the round success of his opening, this Saturday SuperMartXé returns to the load in his second date of the season. Privilege’s famous session, that this year changes his habitual Friday residence in every Saturday, receives one of his more classic dates. SuperMartXé presents his night Porno Star, where Privilege will turn into the warmest point of the island for one day.

In Porn Star, SuperMartXé turns into a gigantic set of erotic cinema where tens of the best actors of cinema for adults will raise to the maximum the temperature of the room. Sensuality and eroticism very raised of tone, which they will make experience to the thousands of fans a night full of lust, desire and pleasure.

In addition, dancers and performance, sign of SuperMartXé‘s classic identity, will add to the actors in the mission to do that the public experiences an experience without equally. Besides the incandescent show, Brian Cross and Rebeka Brown, the latter with his habitual direct one, will be the principal attractions of the holiday in the musical aspect. Abelthekid, Alex Guerrero, Salva Di Nobles and the boys of Superman, inside the event Ibiza Gay Pride, complete the line-up in the warmest night.