The most authentic and original party in Ibiza, created by Brasilio de Oliveira and directed by Moisés Ximénez closed last Wednesday with one of the most special seasons in the Heart nightclub.

Susi DJ’s Xicu Portas, Oscar Colorado, Camilo Franco and Moisés Ximénez

Resident djs, Camilo Franco, Oscar Colorado & Xicu Portas and Vocal Baby Marcelo once again demonstrated their musical skills and created an unforgettable session for everyone present at this closing party.

Pamela, Abel, Lorenzo, Edson and Ainoa

The glorious season in which themes such as ‘Inferno’, ‘The Prison’, ‘Babylon’, ‘Temple of Love’ and ‘Inverted’ have undoubtedly been a benchmark of freedom, enjoyment and delight.

Baby Marcelo

Also during the incredible dates, the nights had unrepeatable shows and unequaled throughout the island.

Maike, Pamela, Alcja, Bette and Edson

It is possible to emphasize the performances offered each Wednesday by Baby Marcelo, where it showed its best spectacles until leaving to the present without speech.

The Main Club

And of course, the shows of numerous performances that during the night offered a waste of style and wore some very unusual attire, which will be remembered by those who have visited this mythical Ibiza party.

Heart Club

We just can wait for the next season, which will come back full of surprises and lots of expectation.