WooMooN celebrates this Wednesday its fourth date. The located session every week in Cova Santa has been confirmed as one of the most notable irruptions between the newcomers to the electronic scene of the island. The session, an idea created by Storytellers Ibiza, has penetrated deeply between the local and tourist public.

WooMooN has this charisma of the special and only holiday where the public feels active part of a history that every week adopts a different form. For this edition, WooMooN comes under the motto ” open your mind and feed your heart ” and on that there will be based his spectacular performances and decoration that every Wednesday they flood Cova Santa’s bucolic enclosure.

In addition, the session has confirmed an incredible musical menu. The German Rampue and the Frenchman Viken Arman visit WooMooN. Begun, Lum, J.O.K.E, Raz Ohara, Yokoo and Valentin Huedo complete the line-up.