WooMooN began last Wednesday, the 6th of July with the beginning of the lunar cycle. Three weeks later, the moon comes with its maximum brilliance coinciding with a new delivery of the party located in Cova Santa. After a previous excellent edition with the direct one of the Belgian band Stavroz and the dj set of the American Atish, WooMooN returns  in a new Wednesday of alternative and ultramodern music.

Actuaciones en directo, cada miércoles en WooMooN. GABI VÁZQUEZ
Live performances every Wednesday in WooMooN. GABI VÁZQUEZ

The full moon will be a witness of the consecration of the project about which the whole world speaks this summer in the White Island. The celebration of the beginning of the lunar cycle will be chargeable to Bedouin, LUM, NU, Nicola Cruz and Valentin Huedo, residents of the session every week. In addition, the party receives the visit of the Berliner Martha van Straaten. WooMooN will return to be a key point of music, art, mode and gastronomy in the completely only space since it is the Restaurant Lounge Cova Santa.

 Stavroz live last week: