WooMooN returned last Wednesday with the full moon. The session, every Wednesday at Cova Santa, has been raised as one of the big revelations in the night scene of Ibiza. Maybe for its nature of different event, or for its risky programming, WooMooN fills from the first hour Cova Santa of a cosmopolitan public.

In his last delivery WooMooN, under the claim ‘moonlight that embraces your soul’, took advantage of the special moment of the satellite to realize an event of honoring to one of the days more mystics of the month. The full moon is the moment to feel this different and like that energy the session could transmit it. With the music of Bedouin, LUM, Nicola Cruz, Marta Vanstraaten and Valentin Huedo, the public submitted to completely firstly in Dance Temperature and later in the Moon Room.