Boats that look like a movie

The Prince Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia and the Mogambo are habitual in the summers of Ibiza and Formentera

Mogambo se llama así por la película del mismo nombre

A few ports in the world has boats as spectacular as you can see in Ibiza and Formentera during the summerDocking maneuvers that have to do the enormeus boats with Dalt Vila background seems more typical of a shoot that reality. The show is assured.
The ship Prince Abdulaziz never ceases to amaze even if it takes several seasons repeating the same maneuver and when a few minutes after his entrance or exit appears its inseparable Al Diriyah.
The impressive megayacht was the largest and most luxurious made in the last century. Today with 147 meters lenght and 18 beam is among the ten largest in the world.
Built in Denmark in 1984, was remodeled in 2005, and although they have not leaked images of its interior, it is known that the lobby is similar to the Titanic, another boat movie, a large space with a spectacular staircase, decorated with classic furniture .
The megayacht was commissioned by King Fahd, his death was inherited by Abdul Aziz bin Fahd, which counts among its favorite with Pitiusas islands.
This boat, in addition to its large size highlighted by two huge blue fireplaces, can reach a maximum speed of 22 knots although the cruise is 18. To feed the two powerful diesel engines, the tank holds 400,000 liters. And in addition, on its deck its have a helipad with corresponding helicopter.
Much smaller compared to Prince Abdulaziz, Al Diriyah is 78 meters lenght and 11 beam.
Mogambo, it is so called like this because its owner is a fan of the film. With a name of a classic movie in the megayacht has a big screen to enjoy the film sessions.
The ship, 74 meters lenght, was built in 2012 in Germany. The interior decoration combines classicism with clean, sleek lines, which together with the large windows offers a large amplitude in the spaces.
The exterior overhangs the gray hull on which a mixture white superstructure on crossing a gray stripe running from the stern to the terrace and makes the yacht can easily recognize settles.
Mogambo sails comfortably at a cruising speed of 14 knots and can reach a maximum of 17 knots.
The Mogambo is available for rent, just to have enough to afford to enjoy this movie boat.