Enjoy renting a boat in Ibiza

Are you looking for a different holiday? Have you thought about renting a boat? Have you calculated what you can save on hotel if you chosse to sleep in a boat? Did you know that sleep can be more economical on a sailboat that in a hotel? Can you imagine the pleasure to lie in the sun while on board?
You can get it for less than you think. Rent a boat is an option that often do not value, perhaps for lack of information. If you are thinking of a holiday in Ibiza with your family or with a group of friends, explore new way of renting a sailboat or a yacht.
There are many possibilities to suit all types of budgets. For example, in Ibiza you can rent a boat between 6 friends, with three double cabins, for less than 150 euros a day per person. You can also rent a catamaran for less than 100 euros, it all depends on what you want to invest and the number of people who go on board.
A ship offers many possibilities for fun and let your imagination. You can dock in port and excursions into the interior of the island, visit Dalt Vila or take the night to enjoy the many festivals of the most famous clubs in the world.
Visit the many beaches where it is very difficult if not by boat, is one of the options you can enjoy if you rent a boat. You also can not miss the trip to Formentera, where swim in its crystal clear water and observe a unique natural landscape and see the famous sunset.
Holidays are to be enjoyed, so take the sun from the deck, swim in the sea whenever you want, take the opportunity to dive, move a paddle surf, take pictures underwater, fish… Do not limit yourself!
On the website you will find numerous charter.diariodeibiza.es boats of all kinds to rent online. This site works with companies that have boats Ibiza property.
Think no more!

More info: http://charter.diariodeibiza.es/en