Holidays for boats

The end of summer is the beginning of rest for yacht that have been these months in Ibiza. Once it has ended the season, most boats up to 18 meters length usually leave the water for several months. To do this, the smaller boats, up to 7 meters usually rise to ground through a simple ramp. While if they exceed this measure is often used travel lift.

And on the surface there to transport the boat to the place chosen for the winter. If exceed 3 meters length “transport is complicated because you have to ask permission to bring escort traffic, so we take care of all the paperwork,” says Marc Torres, commercial director of Motonáutica.

This company moved its facilities boats up where seats about a hundred ships. · The next step is thorough cleaning of the interior and exterior. “We use pressurized water to remove all the dirt of the hull. It is also important to thoroughly clean the interior, drains, sewage tanks, the engine, all the components that have the boat, “adds Marc Torres.

One of the methods commonly used by customers is completely plug the boat almost hermetically plastic to prevent moisture, dust or any other component.

Whith plastic or not, boats rest during the winter in a space permanently guarded. In May, explains commercial director Motonáutica “back to perform a complete review of the engine, collectors, interior and exterior elements, paint the hull and if necessary repair the damage, so that the new launch is a success”