Hooked to the sailing races

They came to win almost everything that could get in sailing in Spain. While studying lived in the High Performance Centre of Palma de Mallorca and competed whenever there was an opportunity.

Now, some years later, Marc Terrasa, Ivan Moreno, Rebeca Bartolomé Gómez Marí Mayans have no summer vacation, work absorbs them, and even have small children. So the chances not only to compete but to take the boat to the water are very few.
“We, with the two girls, almost had abandoned” explains Rebecca Bartholomew together make s’Alambí couple and when they leave the boat.

Marc and Ivan, aboard the Finca Sa if they have had the opportunity to participate in some other test.

But the desire is stronger than the complications of everyday life, so the four have decided to engage the wheel of national and international regattas.

To begin to feel the adrenaline of the competition they have not chosen an easy challenge, but the European Championship Snipe held in Santiago de la Ribera (Murcia) that is open, and not have to be classified previously been definitive . Together there more than one hundred ships from all over Europe, including Argentina and Brazil. “We took it with a preparation to go to the Championship of Spain Absolute Galp Snipe to be held in late November in Ciutadella, Menorca. Therefore, we would like to do our best “points Marc Terrasa.

On Sunday 18 September, with the van full of capes, bags, great enthusiasm and a trailer with two sailboats, left for Denia and from there to Santiago de la Ribera.

From now on they will try every effort to train and participate in the maximum possible scoring race. The four say that “before we watched just to navigate and now our holidays are for fun while doing sports we like. The concept has changed.”

And after two decades at sea it is difficult to definitively leave. “We are very motivate and we want to reach the world championship to be held next year in Galicia, under the organization of the Yacht Club of A Coruña.”

For the four sailing is a sport that gives great satisfaction and recommend you try all world. “Living in Ibiza is a pity that many people do not dare to venture into this world because it is believed to be elitist and, the truth is that it is not so.”

The proof of this is that they can go to the European Championship with the support of Club Nautico Ibiza which is responsible for helping with the trip, “provides us the vehicle we carry and works fairly with expenses.”

The four sailors encourage children and young people to try sailing and “look like hooks. In addition, in the case of Club Nautico Ibiza, “which is the most known, provides the necessary starting material”.