Jet skis accessible to all

Nautiluxe is exclusive distributor for Ibiza and Formentera of the jet ski Sea-Doo, one of the most reputable in the industry of motorboating brand. Ibizan company sells models Sea-Doo, repair an also to your rent it.

Nautiluxe Rentals division offers a variety of jet ski brands for those who want to spend an unforgettable day sailing. You navigate astride one of the powerful Sea-Doo, then dive into the crystal clear waters or pitiusas you know some of the most spectacular areas is now possible thanks to Nautiluxe Rentals.

You can access this service those who have the appropriate qualifications to handle jet skis. Tenants can browse wherever they want within the limits set standards for such craft. Therefore excluded area Salinas Natural Park, where it is forbidden to sail with jet skis and other water activities.

The customer is also required to pay a deposit, ranging between 1,000 and 2,000 euros depending on the model chosen. This money will be returned once the jetski is delivered in the same state in which it was collected. To this we must add the price of renting the jetski, which is between 300 and 620 euros. All prices include VAT.

Nautiluxe Rentals has a fleet of ten jet skis intended for rent. Are all new models this year 2016, equipped with intelligent braking system, which allows safer navigation and maneuver more easily. In addition, they mounted engines with low CO2 emissions.

For example, you can find the Sea-Doo Spark 90 hp, “a compact and lightweight model that is ideal for carrying auxiliary on boats,” explains José Ribas, head of Nautiluxe.

In addition, there is a model “GTI 130 hp, accessible to all.” It also highlights the two-seater RXP 300, “the sportiest of the market and winning the World Denia GP2.”

The top end is the GTX 300 Limited, which represents the “power and luxury on the same bike.” But the most rented, star model is the GTR 215 hp, “the ideal place to enjoy the island bike” which has three power modes: Eco (low consumption), Normal (progressive power) and Sport (more acceleration and power)