Kundaka, winner of the regatta Estrella de Levante

The XXVII Regatta Cartagena-Ibiza, Grand Trophy Estrella de Levante, confirmed the Kundaka-Elite Sails Jose Coello as absolute winner, so they won the emblematic and special trophy Estrella de Levante that the overall winner of the race is awarded in all classes.

In this race, which was held from Thursday 23 to Saturday 25, mots of the boats came from Andalusia, Balears, Valencia and Murcia.

The Kundaka-Elite Sails Jose Coello led the race at almost any time since it was the first since the departure in the port of Cartagena to Sant Antoni. In some sections it came to achieving a distance of 20 nautical miles on their pursuers.

While passing through the island of sa Conillera, he left the top down to the third position, which rallied to the top in no time.

Finally, the distance and time marked by Kundaka-Elite Sails got to be the absolute champion in all classes.

After a start in which the wind was too light, after passing the Cape of Palos, the battle between the ORC 1 and 2 fleets disputed.

The ORC podium at 1-2 it was set by Kundaka-Elite Sails who spent a time of 24:53:36 to complete the 145 miles, followed by Cañas II and Inma. In fourth place the Ibizan’Café boat Sea-Nàutic Sant Antoni is’ made a time of 29:29:23 was classified.

Zalata was the winner in the ORC class 3, with a time of 32:38:26. Beside it on the podium include Queen Ladragona and Clover II.

As for the ORC 4, the trophy went to Tenton that employed 35:33:48: to complete the course. In second position he was Rigamillas and the third was for Ana Sofia.

The XXVII Regatta Cartagena-Ibiza Grand Trophy Estrella Levante is valid for Pierre Delone Cup and also scored for the Championships of Spain ORC and Height.

The awards ceremony, held in Nàutic Sant Antoni, was attended by the president, José Tur, and Enrique Mas. Also attended by the sponsor Juan Miguel Gomez, director of Marketing and Communication Estrella de Levante and Juan Torres, distributor of this brand of beer in Eivissa, who expressed his satisfation by the fact that this competition is destined for the island. The Real Club de Regatas de Cartagena was represented by the President Miguel Angel Celdrán and Juan Antonio Hernandez.