A lifetime between boards

They have spent a lifetime among woods, planes and sails. And still devoting hours to hit the planks of ships that fall into his hands. Sendic, Nito Misses and Juan Lluch are examples of perseverance in a trade almost to extinction.

Toni Tur Sendic was eighteen when he drew the plans for the Rinxol and took the mestre d’Axia, Jaume Guasch, who lived near her home. “He said the llaüt going to be very small, so he gave me some templates to make one bigger and let me cut wood in his workshop. Then I rode in my house under a tree. “For three summers, with only the help of my grandmother, who occasionally was holding a table. Since then, every evening he goinng where await Rinxol, Argentina, Dos Hermanos and veteran San Jose (1927). The four llaüts wait patiently return to the water when Sendic and his partners, Raúl Luna and Javier Gómez end up restoration of the legendary balandre Reina del Mar.

All three have their work and repair llaüts is a way to eliminate stress. “This type of boats are part of the history of the island, with them material was transported and, of course, fishing. It is a pity that not retain or that some are abandoned in a garage”, says Sendic.

Therefore, these enthusiasts, recommend to try the experience of sailing and, if possible, conservation work in traditional boats, “will see if it becomes fashionable”.

Who himself has been professionally dedicated to the work of mestre d’Axia is Juan Lluch. At fifteen and worked in this job and now, four decades later, we are still calling to repair what has been damaged the sea. “I have done everything from an entire boat to small arrangements, like this Llumi Vara with caulking some areas and repair any damage will be ready to go fishing.”

According to Juan Lluch “on the island must have four or five professionals like me”, although he is hopeful about the future,” Santa Eulària and Sant Antoni are forming young people, I hope some of them take over. ”

With almost ninety years, Nito Misses ensures that the most difficult is to draw the plane so that was the first thing he learned. At thirteen years and was helping the carpenters. “The first boat I worked was in Dalt Vila and we took it down by car to the sea. His passion for boats led him to build model llaüts with the same detail as if they were real.

All rely on the long wooden coexists with fiberglass.