Megayachts keep its privacy inside the helmet

Madame Gu, crowned in 2014 with the World Superyacht Awards, has walked the 99 meters in length by the waters of the pitiusas this week from where it has led to Barcelona.

The ship is the largest private yacht built in the shipyard Feadship Holland. Its stunning cobalt blue hull houses four MTU 20V diesel engines offering a power of 4,830 horses to reach 24 knots maximum speed.

Like many boats of this size, at Madame Gu could not miss a helicopter. The funny thing is the landing platform as it is built with a hydraulic system that raises and lowers so that the helicopter is completely hidden inside. And when the helicopter is not on the boat, the hangar is used as a paddle or squash.

In addition to these mechanisms engineering, interior decoration style hides the Palace of Versailles. The megayacht, equipped with every comfort from a beach club with a gym, has six cabins with capacity to accommodate twelve guests. The crew is thirty-six.

For much of the year, the navies of Ibiza are the showcase both new yachts of all kinds as the huge ships that years ago were on the lists of the largest and most luxurious.

The vast majority of megayachts jealously guard the names of their owners and take refuge in the name of companies under which they are enrolled.

In many cases they not transcend interior details.