More boats, less space

The Balearic marine industry navigates ahead of other sectors. The latest figures released on the registration of vessels, offering an increase in the islands of 9.67% over last year, well above the national average, reaching an increase of 3%.

“We are happier than last year, because we noticed an improvement,” says Ramón Diaz, president of the Nautical Association PIMEEF, who notes that 90% of new boats in the islands are 8 meters lengths or smaller. But this satisfaction is not full for entrepreneurs, who see the lack of moorings for small boats in the port of Ibiza the main stumbling block in the expansion of its activity. “I truly believe that if there is room for smaller boats in the marinas on the island could have increased enrollment this year by 5%,” laments Diaz, who also stresses how expensive are the moorings. “More than twice that in Mallorca and Menorca and ten times more than in Castellón or Tarragona” he says. According to Diaz, in Ibiza ‘if you’re very lucky “you can find a mooring of a boat of 8 meters per 2,000 or 3,000 euros a year,” although there are cases that stick up to 4,000. Therefore, you are missing a lot of fans and people who have a small boat all you can do is pick up a trailer and throw the sea,” Diaz says that this is not a hobby of rich: “From 7,000 euros you can have a boat and there are many ways to finance it. ”

Ramón Díaz, presidente de la Asociación Náutica
Ramón Díaz, president of Nautical Association

The reason why it has come to this shortage of berths for this type of vessel is not another, according to the president of the employers, the bet ports by megayacht, who have finished cornering small boats and charters.

For Diaz, “with minimal investment could adapt some existing pontoons and achieve a thousand berths more to these boats’; and waiting as rain in May removals Formentera boats located there for the pontoons intended for small boats and charter. “Political authorities are concienciadas with this issue” he says. In fact, the president of the Nautical Association believes that lack of moorings causes many of the uncontrolled anchorages that are very often in the pitiusa coast and help improve the coast. “The boats have marinas to make your downloads and to be tied comfortably.”

The new boat owners have run this year with bureaucratic problems Harbourmaster. According to account Ramon Diaz, the problems of this government agency to hire staff have left the depleted more than a third template. “That has created a fairly major collapse when enrolling ships and perform other procedures, which has caused people to have to go to Mallorca or the Peninsula to register boats”, says Diaz. “The person who buys a boat wants to enjoy it as soon as this summer, and not wait for the winter,” he says.

Registrations pleasure boats rose 2.97% in the first seven months of the year compared to the same period of 2015, according to a report by the National Association of Marine (ANEN).

Between January and July 3,601 boats, 104 more than in the same months of 2015 were enrolled, with a better performance of the lengths of between 12 and 16 meters, which grew by 6.9%; and greater demand for boats up to 8 meters. The rent remains the best performing segment, with 12.6% more registrations of these vessels until July.
However, ANEN pointed out that the rent “has slowed the growth” of 2015, which at the end of the year increased by 55.6%.

By provinces, Balears, Barcelona and Alicante remain in this order to the head of the pleasure craft market.