Playing at sea is not just for children

Playing at sea is not just for kids. The industries engaged in sea not have wanted to miss this occasion. Every year there are new water toys to the delight of those who venture into the water. Since the owners of the most luxurious yachts to come to any beach, many will point to enjoy any of these objects. There are hundreds for all people and economies.

One of the cheapest ways to enjoy the sea of Ibiza and Formentera is the snorkel mask Easybreath, which adapts to the face so that water doesn’t enter anything and allows breathing through the nose or mouth. It is a very easy way to go diving on surface without worrying about breathing, not by the pocket because it costs about 40 euros.

The surf paddle is a practice that requires little skill, just a little balance and want to have fun. This table to slide by the sea with the help of an oar has become so popular that there is an inflatable version, occupying much as a beach bag. So it can be transported in any boat or car trunk. The portable version can be purchased for 400 euros.

Many times the simplest is the most fun. It is enough to tie a rope to a sausage, donut, banana, cookie, donut, or even a dolphin, start a jetski or a boat and pull the huge variety of inflatable draggable. There is a huge amount of types and sizes, so prices are also very varied. In addition, almost all the beaches there is the option of renting an experience like this.

More sophisticated, halfway between diving and sailing, this season has imposed Seabob, a marine propulsion vehicle that allows moving at considerable speed through the waters of Ibiza and Formentera at the push of a button. Many yacht charter already offer this toy in their package extras. And those who have their own boat begin to have a toy like this in their cellars. The price starts at about 7.000 euros and from there to almost where they want to get as picky eaters can customize it to your liking.

And to get off the boat, nothing better than an electric folding bike with lithium battery, which can be found by more than 1.000 euros.