A prize boat in Ibiza

Not everyone is competing for the largest ship. Medium also has its place in the gateway of Ibiza, as the winner of the prestigious World Superyacht Award 2015 So’Mar.

Whether for its clean, modern lines, the efficiency of long-range performance, its practical interior layout, or look like a boat without being military lines, the So’Mar, 38 meters won the award. The yacht was built in 2014 by Tansu in Turkey, at its shipyard in Istanbul.

The So’Mar can accommodate up to eight people in a master suite on the main deck, a VIP cabin, two double cabins and two folding beds. It also has space to accommodate five crew.

The ship is designed to enhance life abroad. While the highlight of this yacht private housing element is located at the top, something rare in boats of this size. Yacht owners can enjoy from its spacious cabin of about 70 meters, panoramic views from a remote space from prying eyes.

For all guests enjoy life outside the So’Mar has spacious areas covered sofas incorporating nice lighting and well as several balconies protruding. The indoor lounge is decorated with cushions turquoise and aquamarine, and above all, with art pieces that offer a current and personal aesthetics.

The boat has an unmistakable military air, something that Riza Tansu, the yacht designer and founder of the shipyard of the same name, wanted to impregnate the So’Mar. “It is to build a boat without any ornamentation and stylish. By doing this you end up with something military because hosts do the same2, says the author of Turkish origin.

So’Mar is powered by two Caterpillar engines of 447 kW and 1800 rpm, which gives the possibility of reaching a maximum speed of 15 knots and a cruising speed of 12. It has a range of 3,271 nautical miles thanks to 22,400 liters which can store the fuel tanks, so this boat is ideal for a long cruise. And It is available for rent !.

Visit: charter.diariodeibiza.es