The biggest challenge is learning to appreciate the effort of a competition

It’s time to take the boats to the water and the nerves of the most teenagers begin to surface. You never know what the sea will bring you and that day was no exception. The water was fairly calm on the beach of Talamanca but the more ships out into the bay, more growing waves.

Although the ‘Trofeo Festes de la Terra’ is a small race and not score for the Balearic championship, organizing such an event it takes considerable work. “A month before we have to request permission from the Capitanía Marítima de Ibiza to celebrate the event”, says Sebastian Vidal, organizer and sporting director of Club Náutico Ibiza. Once granted, the administrative procedures begin: sending communications to the authorities and guests; purchase of trophies, horns and other materials; appointment of persons who will be in the race; distribution of support boats … until a few hours earlier when water buoys are anchored. And that’s it. All ready! In a few minutes reach children at the Club Nátuico facilities in Talamanca to pick up their boats.

Gradually small boats are coming to the starting line, located just under a mile from the shore. As the wind is not very strong and the experience of some is little, Angel Bufí, monitor Sailing School of Club Náutico has no doubt throw a rope to two participants to bring them closer to their peers. Within minutes the sailors are all ready to start testing. From this point it is easy to see who the veterans as they use the best strategy to move to the place that suits them.

While attentive to everything that happens in the race, Angel Bufí explains that “it is difficult to teach to the younger abstract concepts such as wind direction, but if they are consistent with the classes quickly handled with some ease.”

Before giving the go-ahead, organizers check that all are well anchored buoys and, above all, warn boats around the start of the race. Sebastian Vidal to “ensure the safety of children is always the top priority.”

A few hours later, the sailors exhausted from fighting the wind reach the sand. We just need to pick up the boat and resting for the test the next day.

In the ‘Trofeo Festes de la Terra’ dinghy Optimist and Laser 4.7 the young people have participated thirty seven to seventeen, who have played five tests. The championship is organized by the Club Nautico Ibiza sponsored by the Municipal Sports City of Eivissa.

The awards ceremony was the culmination of this child and youth regatta where the biggest challenge is learning to appreciate the effort of a competition.