Two classics yatch in Ibiza

Its impressive entry into the port of Ibiza never ceases to amaze even if it takes several summers repeating the same maneuver. Prince Abdulaziz usually spend part of the summer with his inseparable Al Diriyah coming and going from Ibiza to Formentera. The yacht was the biggest and luxurious made in the last century and for twenty years no one got off that pedestal. Today with its 147 meters long and 18 sleeve is among the ten largest in the world.

Built in Denmark in 1984, it was fit in 2005, and although they have not leaked images of its interior, it is known that the lobby is similar to the Titanic, a large space with a spectacular staircase, decorated with classic furniture.

The mega yacht was commissioned by King Fahd. At his death he was inherited by Abdul Aziz bin Fahd, one of the biggest fan of the Balearic Islands.

This boat, in addition to its large size highlighted by two huge blue fireplaces, can reach a maximum speed of 22 knots although the cruise is 18. To feed the two powerful diesel engines, the tank holds 400,000 gallons. And in addition, on your deck you have a helipad with corresponding helicopter.

Inside you can comfortably stay 64 guests, and to be attended at all times they have a crew of approximately 65 people.

At least in Ibiza, the boat is always accompanied by Al Diriyah. Built in the 60s, today it is known for its classic look. Much smaller compared to Prince Abdulaziz, measures 78 meters long and 11 wide.

The ship, also decorated in luxury, can accommodate 16 guests and to not miss anything has a crew of 41 people.

The two boats are moored in Ibiza several weeks where usually from half a day to get back Formentera and the Mayor Pitiusa ten o’clock at night. Quite a sight to see entry maneuvers!.