A yacht to madden

When the indian businessman Rattan Chadh founder of the fashion brand Mexx and hotels chain CitizenM commissioned the yacht Crazy me, he wanted a boat to go crazy, and apparently he served its purpose. The boat is a crazy design, a concept that knew perfectly capture the designers, led by the businessman.

From a distance the yacht does not go unnoticed thanks to the three stripes of tinted glass that run almost the entire hull. The windows were manufactured in special molds that could fit perfectly between them. Something that led to the end on the bridge since it has curved in two directions, almost like an airplane crystals. And in the upper hall windows stand out as having 2.2 meters high. Glazing only weighs 6 tons. The exterior design by Gary Grant, gets raise the profile of the boat through clean lines, making it very recognizable in the sea.

But not only it highlights the outside as Crazy Me has an aluminum structure that provides high stability and low weight with the machinery offers great performance. Besides its futuristic design it is also quite streamlined.

On deck megayacht it has a pool with jets for swimming against the current, equipped with a system to cover and turn it into a dance floor.

If the outside is spectacular, the interior would not be less. To do so did not hesitate to hire the prestigious Italian Cristiano Gatto decorator who has managed to continue with clean lines that dominate the outside.

With 50 meters long and 10 sleeve boat has 6 cabins to accommodate 12 guests. The master stateroom has a large dressing room and a huge bathroom with central shower.

The ship was built in Dutch shipyards Hessen and its launching took place in 2013. Currently the yacht belongs to an Egyptian businessman and sailing under the Cayman Islands flag.

The ship is docked several days in Ibiza, from where he made trips around the island. Sunday was all morning in the bay of Talamanca.