Security and tranquility in your boat

    Good maintenance is essential to avoid mishaps at sea can be very dangerous. So a tip to avoid this problem is that official spare parts are always used.

    Volvo Penta is working to ensure functioning at peak performance of your engine and also if this maintenance was carried out by an authorized technician has the assurance that the review has been done professionally and confidence due to depth knowledge engine Volvo Penta.

    The parts installed by a Volvo Penta dealer have two-year warranty, including labor installation parts. This trust has earned the network of Official Services due to continuing training in Volvo Penta engines that get to be specialists in these products and to diagnose the fault and repair.

    The engine is the heart of a vessel, therefore must be reliable and durable.
    If you own a boat that you like and you are satisfied, but has an engine that no longer meets your needs, it is the best exchange it for another.

    A new engine increases the value of your boat. Invest in security and peace of mind, knowing that your boat will sail safely whenever you go out to sea and it relies on the experience and advice that will give your Volvo Penta dealer.

    Also, Volvo Penta has benefits from a guarantee on major components of five years and with a small fee you can have an extended warranty of up to five years in the engine of his boat.

    Volvo Penta has created a campaign called ‘Classic Parts’ that selects and value some of the most common and genuine parts Volvo Penta and value of special form, these parts help you keep your Volvo Penta engine in perfect working order and at the same time, allows a safer and more enjoyment of your boat use.

    For any clarification or performing any budget you can go through any Volvo Penta Service Officer where he will be addressed in the most attentive and professional manner and may obtain benefits as described above.