Superyacht ‘Adastra’ takes a breather in Ibiza

    Superyacht. Valued at more than eleven million euros and enough autonomy to turn around the world motor without refueling, the trimaran ‘Adastra’ rested yesterday in the port, after covering in just nine days 6,500 kilometers, between Ibiza and the Caribbean island St. Martin. The yacht began its journey around the world last October.
    El trimarán ayer en el puerto con Dalt Vila al fondo. CÉSAR NAVARRO
    The trimaran yesterday in the port with Dalt Vila in the background. CÉSAR NAVARRO

    Regarded as one of the most impressive yachts ever created, the ‘Adastra’ moored yesterday at the port of Ibiza after crossing the Atlantic in just nine days. A figure which few can boast boat captains. And it is not the only thing, is that the superyacht, owned by billionaire Anto Marden shipping magnate, in addition to its speed, is known for being the most efficient in the world.
    With a structure made entirely of carbon fiber and an outer shell of glass and foam kevlar, the five years that the shipping McConaghy Boats took to build on its facilities in China seem to justify the eleven million euros mogul paid in the year 2012 by the trimaran.

    The ‘Adastra’, able to sail at a maximum speed of 22 knots, comparable to reaching a trimaran racing, achieves its best efficiency point remained above ten knots speed which can travel without refueling up to 18,500 kilometers, comparable distance nearly halfway around the world, which explains how the yacht has been able to cover the 6,500 kilometers between Ibiza and the Caribbean in just nine days.

    El superyate a su llegada a Ibiza. PAU FERRAGUT
    The superyacht upon in arrival in Ibiza. PAU FERRAGUT

    Not only that, but also combines the maximum speeds with the convenience and comfort of luxury cruises. With capacity for fifteen people, nine guests and six crew, all cabins have sauna and jacuzzi. A true luxury available to very few that yesterday aroused the curiosity of passersby ride that saw their arrival early in the morning.

    Around the World

    Luxury yacht broke last October of Hong Kong, usual place of residence of its owner. Since then it has passed through the ports of half the world. Fiji, Tahiti, Panama and Colombia are among countries that have been part of the route so far and have been enjoying the impressive structure of 42 meters in length off its coast.