They came to win almost everything that could get in sailing in Spain. While studying lived in the High Performance Centre of Palma de Mallorca and competed whenever there was an opportunity.Now, some years later, Marc Terrasa, Ivan Moreno, Rebeca Bartolomé Gómez Marí Mayans have no summer vacation, work absorbs them, and even have small children. So the chances...
Madame Gu, crowned in 2014 with the World Superyacht Awards, has walked the 99 meters in length by the waters of the pitiusas this week from where it has led to Barcelona.The ship is the largest private yacht built in the shipyard Feadship Holland. Its stunning cobalt blue hull houses four MTU 20V diesel engines offering a power of...
They have spent a lifetime among woods, planes and sails. And still devoting hours to hit the planks of ships that fall into his hands. Sendic, Nito Misses and Juan Lluch are examples of perseverance in a trade almost to extinction.Toni Tur Sendic was eighteen when he drew the plans for the Rinxol and took the mestre d'Axia, Jaume...
The Institute for Quality Tourism (ICTE) awarded the 'Q' Quality Tourism to the Club Náutico de Sant Antoni, in a ceremony held at the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism in Madrid.Luis Gómez, a member of the board of Es Nàutic, received the award in the event which was attended by Secretary of State for Tourism, Isabel Borrego, and...
The end of summer is the beginning of rest for yacht that have been these months in Ibiza. Once it has ended the season, most boats up to 18 meters length usually leave the water for several months. To do this, the smaller boats, up to 7 meters usually rise to ground through a simple ramp. While if they exceed...
A few ports in the world has boats as spectacular as you can see in Ibiza and Formentera during the summerDocking maneuvers that have to do the enormeus boats with Dalt Vila background seems more typical of a shoot that reality. The show is assured. The ship Prince Abdulaziz never ceases to amaze even if it takes several seasons repeating...
It's time to take the boats to the water and the nerves of the most teenagers begin to surface. You never know what the sea will bring you and that day was no exception. The water was fairly calm on the beach of Talamanca but the more ships out into the bay, more growing waves.Although the 'Trofeo Festes de...
Its impressive entry into the port of Ibiza never ceases to amaze even if it takes several summers repeating the same maneuver. Prince Abdulaziz usually spend part of the summer with his inseparable Al Diriyah coming and going from Ibiza to Formentera. The yacht was the biggest and luxurious made in the last century and for twenty years no...
Families, couples, children, elderly ... all up to 152 participated in the Day of the Kayak organized by Es Nàutic San Antonio, Ibiza, on August 20. To Viky Salgado and Ainoha Parramón, mother and daughter, It's the fifth year attending this event. "The first time we got into a kayak was that day, we were so lucky that even we won a kayak raffled at the...
Playing at sea is not just for kids. The industries engaged in sea not have wanted to miss this occasion. Every year there are new water toys to the delight of those who venture into the water. Since the owners of the most luxurious yachts to come to any beach, many will point to enjoy any of these objects....

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